30th April open day

The open day onboard La Savoie took place on 30th April and started with a beautiful sun. The crew, helped by some members of the board and some volunteers prepared the barque to welcome local authorities, partners, and those who helped our association and some others guests.

Our president Michel PITTACO made a speech followed by Gilles AUGER, the manager of Chantier Bernard, Josiane LEY, chairman of the Communauté de Commune d'Evian, and Marc FRANCINA, mayor of Evian.

La Savoie is the only Barque on the French coast of Lac Léman. Management and maintenance is exclusively done by the volunteers. The Barque is part of the Lac Léman heritage and its image is very often used to promote tourism in our region. This is why our association has received the financial help necessary to achieve the renovation work.

Chantier BERNARD did an outstanding work and renovation is a real success but we must not forget the amount of work done by the volunteers of the association during these past two years.

Although a major renovation has been achieved, the sails and masts will need to be replaced. It is now our priority to do our best to ensure a good cruising season as we have a loan to pay off.


In recognition of the financial help given by our partners and supporters we have created a panel with their names and logos, which will be exposed on the Barque.

The Barque was opened to the public during the afternoon, and despite the rain, many people came onboard the barque for commented visits.

Our chairman, Michel PITTACO, sincerely thanks all those who actively took part in that open day.

We hope that you will be many to come and and discover the renovated barque during this 2016 summer season.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard!


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