A word from our Chairman - Second stage of renovation work.

After last year's first stage renovation work, the second stage is due to finish before the end of this winter.

Chantier Bernard, who created the hull of the famous Hermione, is doing a fabulous job, which quality is being admired by all, including local carpenters, fluvial authorities of Lyon, and the maritime expert.

The choice of using exotic wood - which purists reproached us for - protects us from bad surprises: Iroko wood has proved its durability when used on fishing boats, up to 50 years without any major repairs, and upon the fact that these boats are subject to stong pressures.

The financial effort done by local authorities, among which Evian County (Communauté de communes du Pays d'Evian), Conseil Départemental 74 and, more modestly, Rhône Alpes Region, has contributed to cover almost half of the renovation costs, despite a decrease of French State grants.

The Association's equity and a 150 000 euro loan on a 7 years period do not allow us to pay off the planned renovation work in its entirety.

Indeed, apart from an important donation of 50 000 CHF from the Sandoz Family's Fundation, donations from local companies and private individuals did not reach our hopes, and thus despite a complementary help of 10 000 euros given by the Fondation du Patrimoine (Heritage fundation).

10% of the final cost is still missing to pay off this enormous but vital renovation work.

This home stretch is the most difficult.

In order to pay off this renovation work, and to achieve these vital repairs before launching the Barque, we send you a last and urgent call.

So that the sums already invested can reach an outcome and allow La Savoie to sail next Spring and for many decades,

"We all need to make this last effort

And together, thanks to your donations, we will save La Savoie!"

The last planks were fixed before Christmas. The work is progressing well and the volunteers are now fixing the "corks", painting, and doing some cleaning before the the return of the Carpenters on 5th of January.


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