A few words from the Mémoire du Léman Association's Chairman

Dear friends of La Savoie,

The gamble paid off : thanks to you all, La Savoie is back on the lake this summer. About 800 000 € were spent, half of it given by local authorities : the Regional Council of Haute-Savoie and the County of Evian's federation of municipalities have participated each up to 25% of financing.

A generous donation from the Swiss Sandoz Family, allowed us to clear our debts, and also thanks to Gilles Auger, in charge of Chantier Bernard, whose work of art, as mentionned by our expert while visiting the boatyard, was admired by everyone.

But this important renovation work still needs to be achieved.

The decision was taken to proceed only to the indispensable work in order to obtain the final navigation certificate, i.e. the renovation of the upper half of the hull. Renovation of the deck will be postponed.

Thanks to an additional donation from the County of Evian's federation of municipalities, we are able to engage the second stage of renovation work planned to start next autumn, as we have received 75% of the financing. We are now looking to gather 90 000 € to finish paying the renovation. We are actively acting in this way. But this last part of our "funds race" is the most difficult.

Thank you for your generosity! We have collected many funds in collaboration with the Fondation du Patrimoine.

If you can, give us a last little help, which will be so important to ensure the lasting of this adventure.

Just one more effort and together, we will save La Savoie!

Michel Pittaco, Président de l’Association.

Michel Pittaco


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